String Trimmer: give me advise to ignore


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May 23, 2006
Update 2021: Milwaukee followed through after awhile, got an M18 Quicklock in December IIRC. Ran it a few times this spring now and while I'm grateful they replaced my trimmer I prefer the OG model. It doesn't seem quite a powerful, trigger lock is a little annoying (never even noticed it on old one), without checking the specs its either heavier or not balanced quite as well as the OG version, and most annoyingly each time whatever battery I'm using stops and gives an overheat warning (I cycle between 2 5.0XC batteries). This could be coincidence and just a sign of the battery(s) dying or related to the trimmer. I haven't marked them to know if its the same one each time. This never happened with my old trimmer nor with the blower when I occasionally use the 5.0 in it.

I see they have yet another version out now with a physical speed selector (great move since prior ones you have to shade with your hand to see what its on) and moved the motor to the head.


Update 10/3: After looking at whats available I decided to wait until spring to buy a replacement so it can get proper used in case I want to return it. In the meantime I had left am honest and complete review on my old trimmer. I got the copy/paste response from Milwaukee to contact them to resolve the issue, so i did. After a few weeks of emails with half of them just pointing the person to the review we were talking about, I went off after their last reply which simply told me to mail it in for repair and that the cost would not exceed the Lightningmax... which was something I already knew and even included in my review. Soooo I was rather agitated in my reply and that was the end of it.

Yesterday on my way to the dentist I got a call from a Wisconsin area code, I initially assumed it was a scam. For some reason it popped in my head that it could be Milwaukee so I answered. Sure as shit it was the OPE product manager, I can't remember if it was the same guy i spoke with about the grinding disc on the bump feed before buying it or not. Long story short he asked about the trimmer and since they are discontinuing the 1 piece shaft models he is sending me a new Quicklock trimmer. All he asked is that i reuse the box and send my old one back with the prepaid label for their "engineers to look at."


I bought the Milwaukee M18 trimmer, blower, 9ah battery, & rapid charger deal in May 2017. The trimmer decided to die last weekend and according to tech support will be $160 to fix... he actually just said the price of a new trimmer but I asked if he could pull the repair cost. Customer service said tough shit, 3 years is not 3 years plus a few months but they have a max repair cost which is the $160 ($148 + $11 return shipping).

I have 5 M18 batteries swaying my decision (9ah, 2x 5ah, 2 small compacts for oh shit times). I have enough shit to edge that I can rarely get it all done on a single 5ah battery (the 9ah is solely on blower duty as the 5ah dies way too quick with it).

Additionally my 10yr old Craftsman mower still starts on a single limp wrist pull but has been mixing the oil and gas for the past couple years... and I'm not holding my breathe on Milwaukee having an M18 mower anytime soon. I don't care about the Quicklock shit as I have a tree trimmer and an edger (tho I inherited it and likely will go back to flipping my trimmer again when it dies)... but they appear to have added an additional vent to the motor housing. Ego is tempting for the mower but batteries are pricey and I have none now.

Not really important but I never used the grinding disc trimmer head it came with. I bought an Echo head with the trimmer thats been ok enough and I assume I could put it on another Milwaukee. Also not important is that Milwaukee did take care of the 9ah battery when it died after ~1.5yr.
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May 23, 2006
How big is your yard ?
.43 acre with just under 1400 sq ft main floor house. I'm also on the outside of a corner so my yard is mostly backyard with a wrought iron fence (eats trimmer line).

I have a Hustler ZTR for most of my mowing, I push mow just the areas it doesn't fit that someday I may redesign... some day
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Mar 1, 2002
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Fuck companies and their planned obsolesence. Major reason I won't invest in electric yard equipment. A Jerry can full of gas isn't going to be obsolete anytime soon.
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Dec 16, 2007
Calgary, AB
I'm a big fan of not filling up the landfill with disposable shit. This summer I bought a new fan, blade bracket and rear flap for my 16 yr old black and decker lawnmower. I paid like $50 when a new good electric mower would cost me maybe $200 but I like the idea of maintenance vs obsolescence.
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Oct 4, 2001
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People actually buy the battery powered stuff? I have a garage full of Echo stuff that'll never NOT work.


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Jan 3, 2006
Shindaiwa or Redmax trimmer or brushcutter

🎌 Made in Japan crew


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Oct 28, 2005
Is it weird I had no fuckin idea what you were talking about until the 3rd paragraph


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Sep 16, 2003
People actually buy the battery powered stuff? I have a garage full of Echo stuff that'll never NOT work.
I have battery powered stuff for quick touchups but nothing beats 2stroke gas engines for yard work.


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May 23, 2006
People actually buy the battery powered stuff? I have a garage full of Echo stuff that'll never NOT work.
Before dying I was happy with the change. The house behind me wasn't built yet when I got it so I got to teat it out again my Stihl in the overgrowth. The difference was barely noticeable and my yard has nothing like those weeds. The blower is noticeably less capable but was still plenty effective for me... i did hold onto my Stihl stuff for months before accepting the battery stuff. Not having a 2nd gas can for trimmer/blower has been great, along with the much less vibration.
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Jul 12, 2001
My second ego battery just died out of warranty. So I have 3 worthless tools until I spend another $160 on a new battery

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