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  1. i got 2 10" eclipse alums and i'm running them on a xtant 121
    i was thinking of getting a 1000w no name brand amp to put more power to them like pyramid
    "clean" power doesn't really matter with subwoofers, right?
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    There is no such thing as "clean power" but yes, distortion is much harder to hear at low frequencies than high frequncies. The problem with the 1kW no name brand amplifiers is that they do not put out 1kW, more like 200 watts, but they sound just as clean as an expensive amp within their linear operating range.

    I have no idea how much power those eclipse drivers were designed to handle though...
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    apiece? If so, you could try a Lanzar vibe 1200D. Both my brother and his friend both have one, installed by myself, and they run rather cool, have a ton of power output, and are rather cheap. We got them from . Other options include that ultimate 1kw amp, or the jbl 1200.1, etc... Do you have a price range?
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    hehe that would look a bit funny, pyramid amp on some alum's

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