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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by biomechanoid, Feb 15, 2003.

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    I'm looking for some "high" bass range for my system, I was thinking about getting some 8" but was wondering if anyone has heard what 6" woofers sound like.

    my current setup are 2 tightly tuned 12" RF subs (POS, but I tuned them nicely) an Eclipse 75wx4ch amp (running the mids and highs in the cabin), two pioneer 4 way 5.5" in the doors, 2 poineer 3 way 6.75" in the rear deck, 2 cheap Pioneer 2.5" tweeters, and a 180wx2ch RF amp running my subs.

    there's a gap in my bass range between 100-400Hz that I'm trying to fill, and I was thinking 8"s in a custom enclosure near the ECU, but someone said that I might want to look into 6" woofers...

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    The size of the woofer will not have the effect you are describing it as having. I like 8" better simply because they offer more cone area, and more displacement, which means more output. So, I would go with 8" unless you don't have space, then in that case go for a 6".

    You are going to have to build a passive crossover though, which will be difficult finding the correct vlaues to make it sound good.

    Good luck.

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