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    submitted for your reading pleasure: Office Surprise

    I’m on the phone standing with my back to the door when she comes in. People don’t usually come in without knocking when the door is closed, so I turn to see what’s going on. I turn just in time to catch her locking the door. White blouse and black skirt, she came from work. She turns to look at me, that mischievous spark in her eyes letting me know I’m in for the... ride of my life. The phone nearly falls from my hand. I recover long enough to say "hey man, I’m gonna need to call you back... my girl just showed up." he hears it in my voice and whistles. "No problem man" he laughs. I hang up and just stare at her.

    She’s more than willing to be my eye candy: which is certainly a good thing, since she so often is. She even giggles and spins once for me. In fact, she’s well liked around the office, having accompanied me to many the office function. I open my mouth to ask...some sort of question, my brain halfway connected to my mouth and trying to process. She puts a finger to her beautiful lips "sh sh shh." She drops her purse on the ground as she glances out the windows into the rest of the seemingly unaware office, though I know better; she didn’t sneak in unobserved. And on cue, an extension I know starts blinking on the desk phone. I know he saw her, and I know what he'll say. I don’t answer.

    She closes the blinds as she works her way over to my desk, her normal scent floating just in front of her, caressing another of my senses. I drag my eyes away from hers, letting them drink in her body, wishing I could drink of her body in another way. A little intake of breath reaches my ears when I notice that she shed her bra already, if she even bothered to wear one today. She smiles, feinting innocence, at my surprise.

    She stands right in front of me, looking up into my eyes, and her other scent reaches my nose, groping my sense of smell. She puts her finger tips on my chest, pushing softy. "Sit." I obey. She started it, her rules. She slips off her panties from under her skirt and tosses the damp thong in my lap. "Only watch, or I leave." I nod; she's quite the exhibitionist when she wants to be. And very serious about leaving: she perfectly capable of tiding herself over. She bounces up backwards a little to sit on my desk, locking her ankles. She knocked something off. Neither of us cares.

    I notice she has something in her hand I can’t identify and she takes a moment to set it down behind her. She unbuttons her shirt, pulling it apart just so far as to leave her very hard nipples covered. She leans back on her hand and looks around to assure herself the blinds are tight, that no one can see her: she'll show off for me, but everyone else can drop dead.

    Just as she’s about to move again, my cell phone rings. I reach for it, and her eyebrow suggests that I not answer it. She knows me better than that; my arm has already returned to the armrest from muting the ringer.

    Agonizingly slowly, she pulls her skirt higher, allowing her ankles to swing free. She looks up at me, staring into my eyes: "I’m not kidding," her look says. I nod. Her legs part, giving me an almost eye level view of her shiny and very wet pussy. Even thinking about playing for me gets her soaked. I have to grip the arms of the chair to keep control of my hands. I don’t even know if her command allows me to...enjoy her show, and I’m sure as fuck not going to chance it.

    She’s totally focused on what she’s doing, this show is for her, she’s just allowing me to watch. Her middle two fingers are gently rubbing her smooth lips as the fingernails on the other fingers lightly scratch her skin. Her thumb is moving slowly over her orderly and closely trimmed bush. I know she's imagining my goatee rough against her skin.

    Her middle finger slips between her lips, plunging in and out as her hand keeps the same rhythm, the fingers on either side still slipping along her lips. A soft, desperate, panting moan starts escaping from her mouth. I ache to touch her.

    She slips another finger in, her middle fingers making the painful throbbing bulge in my pants jealous. Her other hand slowly falls from where it was softly stroking her stomach and she raises it to my lips to let me suck on her finger. She pulls away far too soon and hovers her wet finger just over her clit. Her fingers in her pussy start curling and uncurling against her g-spot, pumping faster and faster. Her wet finger makes the tiniest of circles on her button; her panting moan becomes shallow labored breathing as she draws near her dualgasm climax.

    Then, her body tenses, and she falls blissfully over the edge, time slowing as I watch the girl I want most orgasm from masturbating on my desk and doing it for me. A wave of her warm, carnal scent washes over me, drowning thought. Her fingers gradually slow as she draws out her orgasm.

    She takes a moment to gather herself then raises her gaze, drawing my eyes up to hers. She gives me a grateful look, thanking me for helping her and acknowledging that I did as I was told.

    As she stands and leans down to kiss me, her marvelous breasts are finally freed from their veil. I reach up and cradle them with both hands and a grateful moan melts into my lips from the depths of her being. She traces two, wet fingers across my lips then kisses me in a way that I'm half a step from losing it.

    She leans in farther and suckles on my earlobe, just for a moment knowing how close I am to blowing. She whispers "I took the rest of the day off..." I pull back to look at her, a warm rush running through me at the playful look on her face. "Me too" I say, as I pickup the phone.


    “Yes, Sir?”

    “Please call Mike back and let him know I’ll need a rain check on lunch. He’ll understand.”

    "Yes, Sir."

    “Have a good night Kim.”

    “You too, Sir.”

    I stand to leave and she shakes her head. “You’re in no condition to drive, m’love.” I slowly sit back down, a look of wonder on my face. Slowly, ever so slowly, she kneels in front of me. Amazing what a simple, everyday thing such as kneeling can do to a horny man.

    She reaches for my belt, her eyes locked into mine. There’s a look that she gets when she sucks me off, she loves it, she feels dirty, it makes her hotter, she loves being in control, loves being able to give me so much pleasure. She finishes undoing my pants and slips her hand in the crotch of my boxers, pulling me out for her viewing pleasure. She holds the base of my shaft with one hand, licking me slowly like a lollypop. After her warm saliva covers the throbbing iron rod that used to be my cock, she slips it into her mouth, her tongue gently caressing my head as it slides to the back of her throat. She knows it won’t take long.

    She looks back up at me, eyes locked as she bobs up and down, making a soft humming sound that drives me wild as her thumb strokes my sack. The combination is too great, I can’t take it. Her eyes, her bobbing, her hair in my hands; she feels it, waits for it, wants it. She pulls back a little, letting her tongue be coated in a warm sticky byproduct of her power over me. She greedily consumes every drop, milking me for more, disappointed that it’s all gone. She wipes her lips and looks up at me and I lean down to kiss her. She gives me a moment to recover, sitting there watching me, and puts me back away.

    She goes back over to her purse and pulls out a spare pair of panties and a washcloth to clean up as I sit there watching her. All ready to face the world again, she comes back over to my chair, takes my hand and stands me up. “Now you can drive,” she purrs deeply past my ear. Her hand grabs a fist full of my shirt and forcefully kisses me, a silent promise that I won’t be able to drive later that evening.

    She picks up her damp thong from the floor where it fell, opens a drawer and drops it in. “For later!” she says, like it’s the most innocent and normal thing in the world. “Ready?” she asks. I nod, look around to get everything, and check my phone. I’ve a voicemail from the call earlier. She giggles and covers her mouth. I raise an eyebrow at her and she points at my desk. I look, and there sits her phone. I look back at her. “I called you” she says, “the voicemail is...” she blushes and bites her bottom lip, “uhm... me!” I growl quietly and kiss her again. She takes my hand and leads me out of the office towards a night of incredible pleasure.
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    Very very well written. Its so rare to see paragraphs and complete
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