Subwoofer cone getting hot

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  1. Just got my sub and amp in last night, and it sounds and looks good. Thanks to everyone that answered my ?'s along the way. On to my problem...I have an Audiobahn 1206Q, running at 2 ohms off a Rockford 1001bd. I felt the amp and it was barely warm after 30 minutes of hard playing, but then I felt the cone of the sub and it was hot! It's not bottoming out or anything, but I have a feeling I'm really giving that sub a workout at 1000 w and 2 ohms. What do you guys think?
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    Sounds like you are giving it quite a bit of power for extended periods of time.

    I know that many prosound drivers get that hot, or hotter, but I don't know if the Audiobahn is designed to reach temperatures that high.
  3. I dont plan on pushing the sub for long periods of time. I checked it today as I ran errands and it never got that hot again. Talking with my roommate, he said his old aluminum cone Audiobahn got hot too, but his eventually blew up. :o Think I'll just go easy on it for now, but what are some good subs to consider upgrading to? I cant go much further than a 7" mounting depth due to enclosure depth. btw, what's "prosound"?

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