subwoofer gave me the finger today

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by IDAFC21, Oct 26, 2002.

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    first of all this a home sub, not a car sub.....Well its been giving me problems for a little somtimes it would just rumble like it was getting interference or somthing, but it wouldnt last very long and you could still get a signal thru it. it would do it even if you disconnected the cables so i knew it was a problem w/ the sub and not my reciever or the cables or anything. Well finally i go to turn it today and it just gets a constant hum and NO signal, hum stops, still no signal...look over, all of a sudden i see SMOKE coming out of the bass port....unplugged it, took it apart...dont know what the hell it was that was frying...but my sub has now officially given me the :fawk2: Now i have to listen to everything w/ NO low end whatsoever and it sucks!! Dont have enough money to get a new sub or even get this one looked at and probably wont for a while....sigh.....oh well, ive had that sub for probably the better of 4 years or more, so it was a good run....that things taken a lotta abuse from me! Now it can finally rest....:sadwavey:
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    Well, if you want a new subwoofer, and don't have a lot of money for it, you could always go the do it yourself route. You can fabricate a great sub for not a lot of money.

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