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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by joy division, Sep 24, 2005.

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    ....with no real reason?

    My story- last summer i was in the 150s :hsugh: and i was eating 4k cals doing max OT trying to break into 160s, and I could get there (165 or so) but the second i stopped eating that much I went back to forward 3-4 months and I started training for MMA (20 hours a week, TONS of cardio and calisthenics). I kept this up for 6-7 months, increased strength a bunch but hovered around 168-169 for most of the time (didn't lose any weight though).

    So I've stopped doing that for the last 3 months, my cardio has increased to ~2 hours a day (bike riding...trials if anyone knows what that is) and I lift 2-4 times a week depending on how I'm feeling with riding (but I really haven't been in the gym nearly as much as I used to). My food intake is like not even 2k calories, but somehow I'm up to 180 lbs :dunno: .

    Is my body still set for all that intense training I used to do and its trying to save calories or some shit? :dunno: I know that makes no sense :) ... Is my metabolism starting to finally slow down (23 years old)? body fat hasn't changed much, probably up a percent if that...I'm just confused as to why I'm gaining this weight by eating practically nothing and not trying to gain weight.
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