Suggest me a pair of headphones for working out

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by bigman7903, Jul 30, 2007.

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    I need a decent pair of headphones for my workouts, but i dont want to break the bank, $50 max. I need them to be over the ear [​IMG] otherwise they wont stay in, ear buds do not work, i've even tried the middle level shure's, they pop out at the slightest movement. I want something like this to hook over the ear to keep them from falling out while running, riding, or lifting.

    However, i don't want this style [​IMG] because they hurt my ears. From wrestling i have minor cauliflour ear, which is the thickening of the ears, so it pinches the hell out of them, making wearing them for more than 30 min painful, which is why i'm in the market for new ones.

    I'm looking for wearing comfort (adjustability), durability/sweat resistance, and sound quality w/ emphasis on the first two, w/ the final aspect being a plus. Thanks for the help :bigthumb:

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