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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Movendi, May 22, 2007.

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    Hi all, you know the story. Get pc parts before financial year and claim some tax back. It's about time too because i can't stand this ancient 2000xp anymore. Here's the lowdown:

    Budget: $1500-$2000AUD

    Deadline: Before June 30th

    Purpose: To play games i've missed out for 4+ years (HL2, bf2, hitman blood money, GTA:SA) and able to run some modern games.

    I'd like to be able to view h.264 rips with some background applications running such as newsleecher and utorrent.

    Firefox should be able to run 10+ heavy content tabs smoothly along with standard applications running.

    Want to run XP and when Vista SP1 comes out.


    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
    MOBO: Gigabyte 965P-DS3 [Something reliable that is capable of stable o/c ]
    Case: Lian Li midtower
    PSU: Something reliable
    RAM: 2-4gb ram to go with cpu
    Video card: No idea, something radeon with dx10 support. Nothing over $500
    HDD O/S: Western Digital Raptor 74GB
    HDD Storage: Western Digital 500gb
    Mouse + Keyboard: Something rechargable/wireless and is identical or very similar to the Logitech elite duo (with the round volume knob)
    Optical: Lite-on 16x dvd burner

    If i end up getting e4300 and it lags i will plan to overclock it in stock conditions.

    I hear there is an official price drop on July 22nd regarding the current core2duo's but since these parts will gain tax back it might work out the same as waiting for the price drop.
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    you need core 2 duo e6600 or more
    2gb ddr2 800 ram
    some good lga775 mobo, many to choose from
    nvidia 8800
    550w+ PSU
    good case

    plan on sli? need big psu. sli with 8800gtx = big case + big psu.
    these things would run games like hl2 retarded fast.
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    for cpu, at least step up to the 6320, clock speed is only 60mhz faster, but it has double the cache and will make a big difference.
    For ram, 2gb is fine, and 4gb won't work unless you run a 64bit OS, and with the 64bit OS's, driver support still sucks, so I'd wait on that.
    Motherboard, if you don't need to overclock, then any of the intel branded boards will rock, if you do want to overclock, the eVGA that uses the nvidia 650i or 680i chipset will work.
    For ram, stick with a good brand, Crucial or OCZ.
    Power supply, don't cheap out, something from OCZ, Sparkle, Antec or PC Power and Cooling. If you're not planning on running dual video cards, then something around 550w will be good, if you do plan on SLI or Crossfire, then go with ~700w.
    Lian Li cases are beautiful and very well designed, but big $$$. Coolermaster makes some that are comparable, but less money, same with Antec.

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