Suggest my a receiver to pair with my new axioms

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by OOTSABryan, Feb 19, 2007.

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    Suggest me a receiver to pair with my new axioms

    My fronts are Axiom m60's:

    My center is an Axiom vp150 v2:

    My tv is the Sony 50" Grand Wega LCD Projection KDF-50E2000

    It'll just be a dvd player, ps2, xbox 360, and maybe in the future a media pc connected to the receiver.

    I'm now shopping for a receiver and powered sub. I'd like to keep the total cost of these 2 under $1000. I've found some yamaha and denon receivers but I just don't know enough to know the difference between them all. Not very many of the yamaha's have hdmi (which i have 2 hdmi ports on my tv, 1 w/ audio and 1 w/o audio). Will the hdmi cable look alot better than the component cables on my tv or should I not worry about having an hdmi capable receiver?

    What I'm really looking for is suggested specific models of receivers.

    And also if you have any input on suggested subwoofers (10" or 12").

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