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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guest, Mar 7, 2002.

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    I'm 27 yrs old, 5' 7"/155 pounds looking for a dirt bike. Ive only ridden a few times, and that was about 14 years ago, the bike being a CR80. Im looking into a XR/CR 125 right now, and Im looking to buy used. Is this a good first bike?
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    there all good bikes go to a dealer see what one fits you best
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    all depends on what you ride and you skill, and on how long you want to keep the bike for. Im the same size as you and run in the int class, my passion is freeriding though, If you want to get fast get a cr125, but caution thes are not great bikes for begginers, fast and you need to keep it right in the meat of the power if you want to go anywhere fast, but then again 125s are wicked fast when rode right.
    If you plan on riding the track occasionally and like trails, but arent into being a showboat for a while, get a 250. the power is everywhere and it makes riding a breeze. Going decently fast on a 250 is not hard to do, gear selection is not a problem, you can be in most any and move along nicely, this is the bike you want if you dont want to get a new bike every year, they are bulletproof when not raced....well happy hunting, hope i helped

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