Suggestions for more endurance for more sets?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by dmora, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. dmora

    dmora Guest

    When i go to the gym, i will end up doing something like 1 set of 6-10(exhaustion) then go do something else immedeately with no waste time in between really. I only really go and repeat something like bench/incline bench because its close, (and cause i'm working on building upper body) but then i can only do like 4 reps till exhaustion.
    I seem to enjoy this cause i get super bored pretty fast and i like to do something else to keep me working, rather than sitting around waiting to do another set. But usually after ive gone all over the gym working different groups, again in these 1 sets of 6-10 im pretty worn out and end up going home.

    I'm sure this isnt the best method, but it seems to work for me, im noticing im bulking up a lot and slimming down, but probably not as much or as fast as i'd like.

    I'm wondering, what i can do, eat, drink to kind of give me more energy or something to not get so tired so fast.

    Over the past month ive gone to the gym i'd say 3-5x a week and plan on keeping up the pace. I'm never really tired the next day, possibly cause im not doing enough shit in the gym the day before.
  2. Skeletor

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    just rest between your sets... if you don't rest for a few minutes you won't be able to move nearly as much weight. For some exercises and times it's ok to do this by maxing out at 6-10 reps and then dropping the amount of weight significantly and then pumping out as many reps as possible (it's called a drop set)... but even then, you have to wait a minute or two until you can do another set of that.

    Read the stickies for routines and diet for energy and bulking up. Why would you get bored between sets? Bring an mp3 player if you need to.
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