Suggestions for new Digital camera around $250 range...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by grich26, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. grich26

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    Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks..
  2. Slappy5075

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    I can't really recommend anything since I'm looking around myself, but I can recommend a website I haven't really looked at it yet, but heard it was the place to go for digital camera info.
  3. Modest Mike

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    uh, that price range is limiting, it would be better to wait till u can afford something better, i usually recommend atleast 4 megapixles if you enjoy taking pictures at all, especially if u plan on using photoshop or something. If u need to get a camera soon though, i would say get the canon power shot a40, its around $200 maybe a little cheaper. It was consumer reviews highest rated 2 megapixle camera and it preformes pretty good from when ive used my dads.
  4. jerky1280

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    I have a Kodak DX3900 - it's 3.1 megapixles. Takes great shots, easy to use, and you might be able to find one in your price range.
  5. jeck

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    Aug 26, 2003
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    get a powershot a70. canon is the best hands down. the digic processor is great theres soo many modes. it takes a little to get used to, but after you learn how to use it, youll have lots of fun taking pics. it uses double a batteries and uses compact flash. cf cards are really cheap too so thats always good. its 3.2 megapixels... 3x optical and i think 4.2x digital zoom. it has like 12scene modes and i think it records its movie files into quicktime. yes there is sound for the movie mode too. if you know about digicams, youll know some cams have alot of delay. this one is really short. youll count to 3 for a sony, this youll count like 1-1.5. but yea.. the powershot a70 is a great cam. theres also a powershot a60 too.. you can check that one out. but yea.. like what slappy said, go to and check the reviews. youll hear alot more good shit than from what you heard from me
  6. Svt1612

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    Oct 12, 2003
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