TAT Suggestions for revamping my 1st tat...

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Elphaba, Oct 23, 2006.

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    So I'm going to try to explain my situation w/o pics (the tat says my name, and I dont know how cool I am with putting that out there) but if it turns out that its necessary, I might.

    Anyway, here's my issue. I have a tattoo of my (first and middle) name in arching Celtic-style lettering accross my lower back, in solid black. I got it about 5 yrs ago when I was 18. I didnt put alot of thought into who was going to do the work :wtc: , and I didnt really take care of it like I should :nono: . Anyway, as of now, its faded pretty bad, and has some spots that are almost 'holes' (no color at all) and compared to my other tat, its pretty boring. I've wanted to do some revamping on it for a loonnnggg time. I want to get the letters re-done so they're darker, thats a given but I'm thinking of doing some other things.... Maybe getting a Celtic knot (to keep with the theme) done "behind" it. Is that even possible? (I mean, getting something done 'behind' an exisiting tat). Too cliche? (I know, its my body, and my opinion ultimately matters but I'm just trying to explore options...)

    Cliffs: Old tat on lower back is faded/needs some updating...

    So thats where I stand right now, any thoughts/ideas?
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    :dunno: a good GOOD pro could work on that for you easily i imagine.. I say visit a few tattoo artists and see what they have to say

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