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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Luffy, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Teh O_c
    Ok, I have a dilema, more or less.
    I'm noctornal. I don't usually sleep til 3am during school days and now since it's summer, it's more like 5-6am (I see daylight before I sleep - Lol. )

    So... here's the deal. I tend to go out late at night (mostly sometimes I get out late or my friend's get out late). What/where is there to do really? I'm wide open to suggestion since I'm so out of ideas. I need to broaden up my vorizon, especially when I'm with a girl. [​IMG]

    So... anyone wanna give me some suggestions? Lol. I mean, there's stuff like going to the beach, pool halls, eat (I rather not, it's not healthy for the body [​IMG]), movies (theather/home), walk around the park ( [​IMG] ), cafe shop (coffee, I am viet. Lol), cruise down PCH (I'm in So Cal), ugh... I'm like brain dead and everytime I go out.. it's so unorganized (no one really knows what to do and it's end up being my decision)...

    As you can see... I want to do other things. What's there to do? Especially in So Cal (Orange County, but I'm open to other areas as well)

    Suggestions? [​IMG] Throw me some ideas fellas.
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    Your cali..theres about a million things to do. Maybe your problem isnt what to do..but the people you are doing it with. I bet the things you are doing now are loads of fun..but maybe you arent sharing them with the right person. Maybe you need to find a girl to share those things with. The beauty of being with someone is that sometimes just sitting at home watching tv with them is more fun the out doing stuff. You need to enjoy being home every once in a while. And the right girlfriend can make it fun!

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