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    I'm currently enrolled in the Bachelors program (network management major) at SAIT (Souther Alberta Institute of Technology). In one of our more exciting classes (managing emerging technologies) our instructor was able to get the CTO of Sun Canada in for a presentation on disruptive technologies.

    It was pretty interesting, he started going over the current problems with CPU progress and the cost's associated with moving data, and cooling HW. Then he introduced their Niagara CPU architecture and talked more about multi-core , multi-thread CPU technology, or CMT (Chip Multithreading).

    It was interesting to understand why the sudden craze for multi-core processing. They explained it's to bridge the gap between processor speads and memory speeds, as processors are about 200x faster than memory at ~4Ghz.

    Next they discussed sun's GRID computing initiatives. Basically they see a trend towards commoditization of computing. I think they are dead on with this one. I dont imagine it will be to long before most people are using thin clients and connecting back to mainframes (over the net) for a virtual terminal.

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