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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by 00soul, Oct 24, 2002.

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    looking at the prices on ebay, i think i can manage to get a super 8 camera, a 8mm projector and a editor for under 200 bucks. i know almost nothing nothing about super 8 or and real film cameras.

    anyone mess around with super 8? since one of my hobbys is photography i think i can manage to to use a film camera.

    anyone got any aditional info? is a camer/projector/editor all i need? or am i missing something?
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    ok ok ok ok.......
    You can pick up a super 8 camera just about anywhere....Thrift stores are the best places...look at flea markets, thrift stores, and pawn shops. I have a collection of them that work and I haven't paid a huge amount for any one of them either. I would keep looking around to see if you could get something cheaper than that. You have to remember that one of the only places left to get super8 is off of kodak.com. ..You can get it developed at walmart, or have is shipped off to them to do it...Then if you want it put on tape, and have a 'professional' person do it is anywhere up to $300 every 30 mins.
    Everything I might of missed/cliff notes
    look for something cheaper
    remember the costs of this "dead" hobby
    and..have fun?

    scatter brain

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