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    Alright, so I have the klipsch 2.1s, and the problem i have been having with the right channel muting out, and not working keeps going on. So I went and had 04 look at it (friend of mine). We found out that it is the headphone port on the volume/bass controller. the way it works is when you put a miniplug in the input, the speakers mute, and the sound is stereo through the headphones. klipsch wants $40 to send the speakers back and fix whatever problems they have (they would just give me a new one im sure) but if i could put a new connector on this thing, then there would not be a problem. i can move the connector around and make the other channel turn on.

    any ideas what im talking about? 04 would be able to better explain what im talking about, because he's seen it. and if you do know what i mean, where can i get them...
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    Another thing we could do is fashion up an external setup using a switch and a normal headphone jack, but that would look wierd.

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