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  1. I am planning to swap my Clarion deck & CD Changer out of my car ('88 Toyota Corolla) into my dad's car ('86 Lincoln Town Car) just in case if we'll be taking a road trip because the stock in his car is a total "piece-of-crap" condition & I fuss over no CD if I drive his car. I'll be buying a CD-only deck soon for my car.

    I did some research for installation fees most car stereo places charge to reinstall stereo units. Here's what I came up with:

    Best Buy, Good Guys, or Circuit City:
    • $80 for the deck
    • $50 for the CD Changer
    • a little extra if the vehicle I plan to have the deck installed has a factory amp/premium sound.
    • Total: more than $130, depending on store.
    Small car stereo shops:
    • About nearly the same for the above, but no extra charge for factory amp/premium sound.
    Any suggestions/catch/etc. ?
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    i dnot know...i only have experience with mono decks
  3. What is a better shop/store to reinstall my stereo in another vehicle?

    • Best Buy, Circuit City, or Good Guys
    • One of those small car stereo shops
    The system (deck & CD changer) in my Corolla will go to my Lincoln and I'll be buying a new deck soon for the Corolla.

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