SWEET Pocketlogger Groupbuy going on! DSM EVO MORE!

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    From the makers of Digital Tuning Pocketlogger!


    here it is y'all groupbuy for pocket logger software with cable OBD II compliant cars 1996 and up with a few exception. This group buy will close on october 15, 2003, then u will get a coupon code with wich you can directly order it from the company digitaltuning.com (pocketlogger.com)
    This software is only good for certain Palm pilots with hot synch cable, please refer to website for more info on this product, pls check the fact sheet, this group buy does not include the palm pilot. All transactions are between you and digital tuning. I am just the middleman trying to help out. Pieces not sold seperatly! Shipping goes from $5.00 and up depends on how fast you want it.

    the following price structure is in place: (normal price $175.00)

    10 $165 -$10
    15 $155 -$20
    20 $140 -$35

    This is how it will work:
    1: These rules are not flexible
    2: Once the group buy time period is over, you will tell us how many people have committed
    3: I will issue a coupon code for use on our shopping cart system for the discount based on how many confirmed people you have.
    4: People must place their order within one week of the closing of the GB time period.
    5: Orders will not ship until a: We received at least the number of orders committed OR; b[​IMG]ne week is up.
    6: If after one week we do not receive enough orders to satisfy the level of discount we gave, we will notify you. At that point there will be two options. A: Everyone gets a refund OR; B: people can pay the difference in discount between the projected GB number and the actual number of orders place.
    7: If option A is exercised, we will refuse any further group buys.

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