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Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by MyLittleAirport, Jun 22, 2006.

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    So theres this big karate tournament that goes on usually every month and they have a grappling division also. I usually go to them to warm up for the "real" tournament the next day because the guys who enters these grappling divisions are karate ppl who think they know grappling when all they know is the headlock (no seriously, they go for the headlock throw standing up and then go for the headlock on the ground, thats all they freakin do).

    But next month they're adding an experimental division, sport jiu jitsu. Theres not much info because its the 1st time they're doing this but its "sparring with grappling" on their website so far.

    I'm going to enter it for sure! It'll be fun as hell to see what happens cause I'm not expecting to beat anyone up but I want to go for the hell of it, it looks fun as hell. Amatuer mma with gi on ftw! :noes:
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    kick some ass, seabass, and post a vid like vulgar too if you can ...always cool to see the people on here in action .... like that guy who RNC'd his drunk buddies :rofl:

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