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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dominion, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Don't post in here very often, but OT is the only place I could think of to get good advice :)

    Recently I've started working at Best buy in the geek squad, and one of the perks is I get a 30% discount on cingular plans/phones. So as a two fold issue, to get another bill/account in my name to build credit, and to take advantage of the discount I'm switching from verizon (who I've loved so far) to cingular.

    I don't know anything about the new cell phones, last december I purchased the V710 and I've liked it for the most part (besides all the neat stuff I bought it for that verizon locked out, but that's another story for another time :p)

    Anyways I'm looking at a budget of 200 (if 100-150 is doable that would rock!) or so retail on my phone and some features I'm looking for (in order of importance):
    BT (one of the top priorities),
    ease of transfer on mp3's for ringtones (this feature was pretty much locked on my v710)
    a nice vivid screen
    the ability to sync with my ibook so I can sync my address book on the ibook to the phone
    camera isn't that important I like snapping quick shots if I don't have my ELPH on me

    That's pretty much it hehe. I'm going to continue looking around and come back and make some suggestions, see what the cell crew thinks :)

    Also if a new phone is coming soon in my price range let me know, I won't be buying this plan till mid october probably.

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