Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bitchno3, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. bitchno3

    bitchno3 Guest

    is anybody going, know of anything specific they are looking forward too?

    im excited about broken social scene and david cross.
  2. Music Nazi

    Music Nazi Guest

    south by south what?

    that's what i call it because nobody decent has played in years.austin never draws good acts because the general musical taste of austinites fucking sucks.
  3. bitchno3

    bitchno3 Guest

    so you can honestly tell me that you read through the list of all the preformers every year and there is nobody who you have any interest in seeing?

    norah jones played 2 years ago, and i still wish i had gone to that instead of whatever else i was seeing at the time. then she was unknown, now she has sold almost 20 million albums
  4. Music Nazi

    Music Nazi Guest

    yes,i can say that. i have a lot of musician friends that get platinum passes and still don't go to anything else but their own sets because it has gone downhill so much.

    as for norah jones,selling millions of albums doesn't necessarily mean that you are a great musician.
  5. Molodorm34

    Molodorm34 Guest

    Grandaddy routinely plays SXSW therefore it cannot suck. I win.
  6. Music Nazi

    Music Nazi Guest


    SXSW sucks and is a waste of money. grandaddy sucks assholes all day long as well.

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