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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cloneman, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. cloneman

    cloneman Guest

    Any know how sympatico deals with dual DSL logins at 2 different locations at the same time?
  2. DAN513

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    Mar 10, 2003
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    yeah, it won't work because the username is currently in use.
  3. The Bastard

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    You would need two logins. For a short while I was using my old login from another company on Sympatico to mitigate the bandwidth quota. Luckily the old ISP was also my former employers so they didn't put up a fuss.
  4. cloneman

    cloneman Guest

    Here's the problem: it works. You can log on with the same username and password, at the same time. I tested it with a friend who was online; no one gets booted, or anything. Or course, both parties have to pay for a DSL connection to get access at all (line card), but some DSL providers provide better latency / routing / bandwith quotas than others - that's where the advatage of sharing comes in.

    My only problem is... I wonder if it gets logged on their end - and if people are in charge to make sure it doesn't happen. Technically it makes no sense - they should prevent dual logins, but they don't; which means at any given time you have more than 1 public IP and more than 1 computer having access, provided you have activated DSL phone lines for some reason (e.g. another isp with poor service).

    Deductively, and knowing how bell functions, they probably let this pass because of the so small percentage of people who could use this to their advantage - e.g. subscribers of a 10G / month allowances sharing unlimited logins. However, practically, I'm not sure whether it's a safe thing to do or whether they'll pull a bill out of their ass someday... bleh... just ranting I guess. I'd say the cost on sympatico's end is minimal, it's their lines no matter which ISP you choose, the only thing that might not like is the extra bandwith usage :-\

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