system busted my head bulb?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Mojo, Mar 16, 2005.

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    is it possible that my system could've busted my headlight bulb due to strain and shortage of power? im only running 450 watts rms and i noticed after installing and listening to my system, the headlight bulb was busted when it was dark outside. i have no capacitor, just sub and amp to deck. speakers are running off deck power.

    im going to be replacing the bulb with another, but i want to know if its going to blow out again on me? my alternator is 70-80 amps i believe, its a 2002 honda civic.

    my conclusion is that a capacitor will help my electrical issue in this situation. when the bass hits, the headlights dim a little at night. at this point, the audio system is hogging the power thus not keeping the correct balance of power thruout the entire electrical system. so by installing a capacitor, my elecrical system will have a greater shortage of power when it needs it constantly.

    what u guys and gals think?
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    The system didnt cause the lightbulb to blow out. When the lights dim, it is because the voltage for your electrical system drops. When you decrease voltage, you decrease current. That also means less power. Putting less power than rated on a light bulb won't cause it to blow out.

    A capacitor could help stabilize voltage on short transients, and if your headlights only dim slightly, it might work in solving that problem though.

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