TECH System for a 69 Ford Galaxie LTD

Feb 28, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Hey guys the car still has its original AM radio with single speaker in the dash and it isnt cutting it for me. I want to put in a head unit, front speakers, rear speakers, amp for speakers, subs, and amp for subs.

I had a chevelle that had kick panel speakers but it doesnt look like the kick panels in this car are going to be able to be switched out for kick panels with speaker cut outs. Are there any suggestions on where I should put the front speakers?

Also, the rear speakers would be going in the rear package tray, so should I try to incorporate a sub enclosure in that or should I go with the standard box in the trunk?

Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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May 25, 2005
Nashville, TN FTW
Ronin should be able to help you big on this. he's doing a 60's mustang, and i'm sure facing a lot of the same problems.

i did a dart one time, and cut holes in the factory kicks, then using a 3/4" spacer, mounted some shallow 6.5s in there.


since spring is hitting im actually going to be putting all of my shit in soon, soo many hold ups and most werent in my hands :mad:

ill have pics of everything, ill probably start this week

but anyway

im fiberglassing new kicks for my z6s, rear 5.25s going in the package tray, i ordered a new tray but its flimsy so im going to get a big chunk of MDF and cut it to shape and then layer both sides with matting to kill any possible rattles, im going to build a staggered amp rack to go in the trunk and im going to have 2 holes left in the package tray with grill cloth over them to make sure the bass waves have a little extra breathing room, if it doesnt effect anything it couldnt hurt.

im going to just delete the old deck, someone in the either late 80s or early 90s installed a deck so im just going to pull it and cover it, im going to build an enclosure that will match my new guage panel and steering wheel for the head unit and im going to mount it to the tranny hump.

the whole car is being layered with shit loads of matting, i have several different brands, eD, second skin, raamat, dynamat xtreme, ive accumulated a lot over time and havent used it so im just going to throw it all in where i think it will work best

but yeah fiberglassing new kicks is the best way to go, just find carpet that matches whatever is in your car, or rattle can it, or whatever you want

there are several tutorials on fiberglassing out there, not sure if they are posted in the stickies, its an easy process you can google it up

basically you just make a back panel from fiberglass, put a mdf skeleton on there and turn ur speakers on and aim them for sound staging, find what works best, then when you find something good glue the baffles to the backing, when the glue is set you stretch fleese across the skeleton and around the backing, then u resin this shiznit up, then u bondo over there and buff until its pretty, then mount ur speakers.
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