T-Mobile + Blackberry 8800 = ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dstar, Sep 10, 2007.

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    My school internet is so fucking slow...I want to get a blackberry to replace my sidekick3, and one of the main reasons is so I can use the blackberry as a bluetooth modem through my macbook, essentially to grab torrents and use the net on the road.

    Opinions on the phone? How's the GPS?
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    i have/had one and it was awesome! the gps is pretty sweet, but i live in a smaller city so i had no use for it, the email on it was :bowdown:

    i just recently changed to a wing, there was nothing wrong w/ the BB, i just wanted to give the wing a try, and for now i'm pretty impressed w/ it, mainly because of the wi-fi, another thing that was kickass about the BB is the battery lasted a week before it needed to be recharged, and i texted quite a bit

    i've got mine for sale if interested, send me an offer, there's nothing wrong w/ it, i put on a clear cover over the whole phone 2 days after i got it, so its in immaculate shape, the only problem is the cover is starting to come up in a few places, but the screen/back is still protected fine..i can have pics as well if interested

    oh, and its an unlocked version, so its got cingular branded on the bottom

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