CAR Tahoe or Expedition?


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Jan 2, 2007
First off, I had a 2006 eddie bauer expedition and I loved it. The opportunity to get a bunch of money and a mazda 3 came up and I took it and I'm really regretting it now, so I really want to get another big suv.

Did they fix the spark plug issue with the expeditions? Why is it so hard to find one with a moon roof? Is there some kind of back up assist in them or just the optional back up camera? I loved the back up assist in my '06 just because it's so tall and it's nice to know someone didn't leave a cart behind me or something.

About the tahoe, how reliable are they? Same thing with the sunroof, why do people not get them? Same thing with the back up assist/camera?

Any other major differences that I might not notice? From what I can tell the tahoe has captain chairs in the middle row standard? How does the tahoe's 3rd row compare to the expedition? I liked how the 3rd row laid flat in my '06, but would probably love it better if it wasn't motorized with all the extra weight.

Anyone have either of these and can tell me what they love/hate about it? I saw a 2010 eddie bauer expedition on ebay that's relatively close to me that would be perfect with back up camera, moon roof, and all the eddie bauer stuff gets everything else I want, but it's been in TWO accidents, was a rental vehicle and still only has like 4k miles :rofl:. Should I look at any other vehicles? I haven't looked at suburbans or trucks at all, but I'm leaning more towards an suv so I can fit 7 or more people.


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Aug 18, 2004
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I think a Tahoe is of much better quality that an Expedition and also has more power. I don't know why you'd have a problem finding a Tahoe with a sunroof, I've seen way more with than without. If you're looking at 07+ Tahoes, you shouldn't have an issue finding an optioned LT with backup sensors and if they have navigation they will have a backup camera. In 10 or 11 they started offering a backup camera without having to get nav too that put the screen in the rearview mirror. I don't know how new/old of a truck you're looking for though. Go test drive a Tahoe and I think you will like it much better than an Expedition.

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