takeing my msf course =)

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by CobraR, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. CobraR

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    :bigthumb: yay.. i called the 1-800 number and asked for the nearest one for hagerstown md.. lucky me, its right here, and it starts tomorrow night. the lady said it's allll booked up and id prolly have had to wait till next year.. except that im lucky cus hagerstown is doing double classes and tomorrow is my perfect chance!

    i hope this works out... that'd seriously suck if i show up early like she told me to, and they still can't take me.
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    good. it's well worth it, it's also pretty easy. it's also well worth the $200
  3. Guest

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    good deal, let us know if you get in and how the first night goes.
  4. car54

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    Good deal man! take the class, get a bike and we'll go riding sometime. I travel up to hagerstown alot. I'll teach ya the stuff they didnt, like wheelies, stoppies, and kneedragging :)

    YAMOTA Guest

    took my MSF course at NOVA for 90 bucks ten years ago. Only had to wait three months for it, and there were only 12 people in the class.
  6. UsualSuspect

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    I tried to sign up for a class in Sept. but they said that all classes in the ENTIRE state were booked. :o I am going to call again and see if there is a waiting list. It is only $50 to take the class in GA.

    YAMOTA Guest

    I guess the popularity of motorcycling is exploding
  8. VBGOD

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    My MSF course starts October 18.

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