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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Bean, May 3, 2005.

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    Well, when I talked to my pdoc this morning, he said it was okay for me to take Tylenol PM (or what I've got, which is straight dihyphenhydramine).

    Which means I have to be careful, because I have a history with over the counter meds.
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    Does this doctor know that you have a self-admitted problem with drugs? If so, try to find someone who you trust with the dispensing of medication and have him/her administer it for you, rather than leaving it up to yourself.

    Also, I'd try as many non-narcotic remedies as possible if you haven't already gone down that route.

    There is nothing wrong with taking medication in the end though, but hold yourself accountable for it (telling other addicts about it is a great way to start)
  3. Bean

    Bean Guest

    Yes, he knows about my history with drugs. He's way into recovery, in fact, he won't write me any 'script that is remotely habit forming....we've battled each other for years over this, because I'm a cyclical insomniac as well, and sometimes the only way I can sleep is with medications aid.

    But finally, something he says I can take!

    Yes, I'll be giving it to my partner to manage for me. Good idea!

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