tandem/quad breaker question....mini split install



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Feb 11, 2005
in da forest
stranded takes wind wear bad check on the conductors so it doesn't have a dead spot
yeah, it was installed 06ish, i replaced all the wire ~4yrs ago, i was making lots of repairs at that point, color was way faded out of it etc, really brittle

with boots on, touch the wire with bare hand, its a mild shock i just test the fents that way

tmmw i gotta walk the fents and cut brush away so it doesnt lean on it cuz of snow


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Jan 2, 2005
This is what the power looked like except instead it was only two big cables not this many. But one was red and one was black. The one's I used were also fatter. I had no business doing this shit but I was 23 and stupid and did stand up to my supervisor and say no. I was scared shitless as I flipped that breaker and then turned the cabinet on.


And this is what the breaker area looked like



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Jun 18, 2006
Hamilton ON
Speaking of electricity one time I was installing an Ericsson 3g cell cabinet in a hospital datacenter. The power wasn't wired to it and I had never done it before. Normally the power was always already done by the time I got there to turn it up. I was by myself and didn't really know how to do it but I knew how it was supposed to look. I called my supervisor and he said just do it. So I wired in these two half inch diameter DC cables into the cabinet. I did an OK job but ofc I didn't leave myself enough slack. I also had trouble getting every strand of copper into the connection on the cabinet. I put in an 80amp breaker into the power thingy of the data center and was nervous af when I turned it on but it worked. What are the chances I could have caused some giant short or killed someone down the road due to a strand or two of that copper not perfectly into the slot? I used to be really worried about it and hoped when the carrier came behind me to validate the job they would notice the shit power job and redo it. I never heard anything positive or negative about it :dunno:

@whatever @AndyB
There’s been maintenance personnel in and out of that cabinet multiple times since you did that.

Sleep well my child.

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