TAT Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by MarshyTheKid, Jun 19, 2008.

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    So I'm a senior in college right now and I'm starting to look at jobs for when I graduate. I'll be having a degree in Computer Science. I wasn't too sure about jobs with piercings. I have my lobes done twice, one at 2(About to go to 0) and the other at 6, a conch and industrial in my right and an helix orbital in my left.
    I found this site where people post whether or not different companies will allow mods and thought I would share. http://modifiedmind.com/employline.html
    What have you guys encountered? I'm still worried that I won't get a job I want because they won't allow any piercings. When I go on interviews I will be wearing retainers as much as possible.
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    given that not all of society has yet accepted mods, it is definitely in your best interest to try and wear retainers and/or go without the piercings until you land a job.

    some places are obviously much more mod friendly and these kind of places might be a better environment to work in but they can also be hard to come by

    getting a job should be a priority and once you get into a place you can feel it out

    my ink is coverable in pants and pretty much short sleeves (inside of my arm can be seen) but i work in a collared shirt, or when i teach surfing and skating it doesn't matter what is visible
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    FUCK THE MAN!!!!

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