GUN Taurus 1911 .45?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Seraph, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I'm turning 21 soon and will be getting my CC permit and my own place in a few months. I've always wanted a 1911 .45 cal ever since my dad bought a sweet Kimber when I was 11 years old. Mmmmmm.

    Anyways, I was looking for one a tad less expensive and came across the Taurus, a brand I'm not very familiar with. Seen em around, but don't know anyone who owns one.

    This won't be my sidearm that I'll tote everywhere, just a gun to go range shooting, take on long drives/downtown drives, and to keep in a safe by my bed.

    Opinions on this one? its around $650 retail so that price range is beautiful for me.

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    friend has one in black that i shoot often. never had any real issues with it, for the price he paid it works great. he perfers my s&w pc .45 but it was also 2x the price.

    but, it never jams, and shoots pretty good groupings too
  3. Seraph

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    Which is why I heart the 1911 so much. Quick trigger, reliable, and just fun to shoot. But that's all great to hear. Thanks a lot

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