GUN TDI Law Enforcement Knife - review

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    I picked up a TDI knife this week. In case you haven't heard of them, TDI is a training school in Ohio. Check out their site HERE for more details.

    They recently released their own production knife made by KA-BAR and I thought I would share some pictures and my impressions.

    It seems well made. Priced in the $26-32 range it should be a good seller for people looking for a small sized close quarters people knife. From what I hear there is also a dull trainer being produced soon but it isn't available yet. The sheath is plastic. It looks and feels like a Fobus holster. Kinda cheap but adequate. There is an after market Kydex sheath that will be available soon as well. The handle is black Zytel. The knife is made in Taiwan if that's an issue.

    Now for some pics so you know what I'm talking about.


    Here is a size comparison between the TDI knife and the large and small CRKT M16 folders which most of you are probably familiar with. It's 5 5/8" over all.


    One thing I did realize the first time I strapped this knife on my belt is that if you use the same muscle memory as you would with your pistol you will "draw" this knife with a finger indexed along the blade. Maybe it's that the handle is curved and has the same feel as a small revolver? I don't know. I have never done this with another knife and with some more time and training I could probably over come that tendency but it happened the first time I deployed it and so I though I would mention it here.


    Someone on another forum was asking if someone had designed a knife that pointed like a gun. This is about the closest to that concept I've ever seen. I don't if it was intentional but it feels and points like a skinny revolver.

    This isn't a knife for every purpose. It wouldn't be good for dueling (not that anyone really needs a knife for dueling), utility or work tasks. It does seem to be well designed for clinch distance defense, weapons retention, ground work or the 'F.U.T.' as coined by SouthNarc. For the price it isn't much of a gamble to try one out if you need a knife to fit that role.

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