Tell me bout the v6 '97 mustangs

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Clix, May 19, 2006.

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    I got a 96 Ranger Splash right now, it got 180K miles and is starting to get ragged around the edges. Its get easily 25+ MPG so its been a real good car to me.

    My grandfather bought a 97 mustang brand new and drove it for 2 years and got tired of it, gave it to his daughter, she gave it to her step-son...step-son bought a new car so right now they got a mustang with prob less than 100k miles on it and pretty much near perfect maintaince record (my family are sticklers for maintience on their cars) so I know its been taken care of. Its just a v6 with a 5speed. Nothing great but for me it would be a considerable upgrade to my truck.

    So assuming that my aunt will give/sell me the car, is there anything in perticular about that year and motor and stuff that I would need to know about?

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