Tell me what you think about this rap/poem I wrote...

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by blazen899, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I didn't invent the concept (every word in caps is a football team in the NFL) the GZA did, and after I heard his song I was inspired, I didn't use any of the words in the same context as his, so everything is original.. This is also just the first draft I just finished so I know some lines could use improvement

    i met this dime the other day in the middle of my session
    she approached me with a smile and asked me a question
    i looked up and just thanked god for this blessing
    light BROWN skin and fingers covered in paint
    a cute lil smile and eyes like a SAINT
    a beautiful indian not talkin bout a REDSKIN
    exchanged math and then we just started TEXAN
    A couple conversations and I really started to feel her
    I knew if I didn't CHARGER/ than someobody would STEELER
    So we hopped in the JAGUAR she digged my four wheeler
    Saw a couple of bags and askd if i was a drug dealer
    I said i wanna be legit but i got to pay the BILLS
    she said its aight i smoke just don't get killed
    I took her to the crib and we CHIEFED on a J
    we talked about everythin from the black PANTHERS to the n.b.a.
    then like a BRONCO i put the L-away
    I was so high i don't even know wat happened
    I felt like a bird flyin like a FALCON
    She said she wants a man not a COWBOY
    I massaged her with lotion rich with some aloe
    I looked out the window and saw a RAVEN
    After some flirting we started misbehavin
    we got in the water like DOLPHINs and i started to bath her
    Her legs TITANED she had a body like lara croft tomb RAIDER
    I started to RAM her we were just love makers
    And with a lot of pride like a PATRIOT
    I had her lay down and i ate the bitch
    No need to stress the rest/After an hour we started to get dressed
    She put on her BENGALS and her hair was a mess
    She wore all red like a CARDINAL
    A nice day so we went to the carnival
    Played some mini golf i gotta couple EAGLES
    I said damn being with you is so good it should be illegal
    I snuck up from behind and said close your eyes
    gave her a stuffed SEAHWAWK that i won as a prize
    It took a GIANT sum of money, and only like.. 49 tries
    She gave me a BEAR hug and we went to my home
    Got out of my whip approahced by a face unknown
    He said that i'm not the only one she sexed
    I looked at her i can't believe she tried to JET
    I said c'mon tell me that hes LION
    she said naw its true and she just started cryin
    The dude tried to revolt like a COLT but i'm quick like lightning
    Pinned him down and just like VIKINGS we started fighting
    I said damn I can't believe i gotta do this
    but I took out my gun and knew i was gon have to use it
    I said to my girl fuck this queer
    and started shootin' like a BUCCANEER
    She kept on cryin i said i hope you glad
    got back in the crib and told that bitch to just PACKER bags.
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    Simpsonville, SC
    straight ballin'
    no pun intended!

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    that shit is tight
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    like a 12 year olds ass :bowdown::bowdown:
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    Where the fuck is seahawks

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