SRS Terrible Week (Rant)

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    This has been a crazy week but I just feel like typing out all the shit has happend. If it's too long please ignore.

    Ok so presently I am working 2 jobs one doing tech support and another working at my girlfriend's parent's small restaurant. Last wednesday (early wednesday morning or late tuesday night) I had a flat tire on the way home from my tech support job. I get off at midnight and get home usually around 12:30am. This time I got home around 1:30. Then I had to wake up early the next day at 7am to get to anatomy class but this time I had a huge practical memorizing bone structures. I slept in too late and barely made it to class on time. I bombed the practical. I know this is my fault so I take responsibility for it.

    My girlfriend's father had a stroke about a year and a half ago so he hasn't been the same since. Their whole family are also immigrants that are here on work visas because her father owns a business. Well since he can't work in his restaurant right now I've helped out there a few days a week just to make it easier on them. Well on wed the food inspector came in and he was a different guy from the usual inspector and they failed their inspection because a couple things like not logging our discarded cooked meats, ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, every bottle we have needs to have some kind of label even if it's something obvious like a bottle of salt, the storage room needs to be cleaned up because they saw rat droppings back there. Well there's nobody to do all this stuff so I have a busy couple days ahead of me because this all needs to be finished by this wednesday. Well it's not a big deal but I kind of wish the last inspector that has been inspecting them for years told us about this early on because everything has pretty much been the same there. Well it needs to be done but no biggie.

    The next thing that's really been bugging me is their immigration issues. They have been working on getting a green card for about 4 years and I never thought the process would be so fucked up. They sent in everything they needed to get the green cards and even approvals from a civil surgeon (general physician specializing in immgration approval). On Feb 28th the government sent to my gf's family another notice that they wanted some kind of verification that my gf's father does not have TB but if he does they want a lettter from the civil surgeon that he's being treated for it. They mailed it out to her immigration laywer but the government doesn't send out those letters through expedited shipping so we really received it during the first week of march.

    Well my gf's father had a case of valley fever and was hospitalized about 2 years ago so I could see why they wanted him to get checked. We setup another appointment with the civil surgeon and saw him and was told that he would need a CT scan of his chest. We got that done all within 2 weeks. Everything gets forwarded to the civil surgeon and I was expecting him to approve her father but they noticed a spot in his lung then he tells us that he wants him to see a lung doctor and to get a report from the lung doctor that he is ok or if it's something that could cause a problem. Granted the government only cares if he has a health issue he is getting treated for it. He says he'll sign it once he gets the report from the lung doctor.

    Now here's the worst of it: immigration wants us to send in everything with the approval of the civil surgeon before March 26th. How the hell are we supposed to even see a lung doctor specialist before March 26th? :ugh2:I called about 5 other lung doctors and they're all scheduling in either mid April or early May. I explained to them our situation and the urgency needed and only one of them said they could schedule us in on April 1st (I don't blame them if we can't get earlier)

    I called the immigration lawyer to see if there's a way to apply for an extension to see if we can get some extra time but he said that there's no way to get it and if the government does not receive this info their case will dropped and they will have to start the process over again. So that means they have to wait another couple years or more to get back to this point again.

    I explained this issue to the receptionist for the civil surgeon and asked what are our options and she just gave me a few more lung doctor numbers.:ugh2: I asked the doctor to just call me back but it's been over a day and I know he won't call on the weekends. I can understand if he can't do anything about it either since he's doing his job. I just can't believe this situation we are in because we really tried to get everything done as quick as we can and even selected the earliest appointments possible. I can't believe immgration gave us a short time frame and they're going to end up having to start all over again. :wtc:

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