Test Pilot Chuck Yeager died today


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Feb 18, 2004
2020 going out with a bang.


This sucks, change the channel
Jan 10, 2001
Posted this on reddit, but I feel like you mfkas would like this too. This is obviously told from an ATC perspective.

Because 2020 hasn't yet sucked it's share of balls, Chuck Yeager, legendary badass 1923-2020.
I thought I'd post this funny story, about a man, who had balls so big, they specifically designed the F4 so he could throw em in the back seat if needed.
This came from an old guy who trained me a long time ago at the center. Every time someone told a cool story about aviation OJ would chime in with 'oh yeah, well I worked Chuck Fucking Yeager' and there was nothing that any of us could say that would top it.
OJ was working a low altitude sector with absolutely shit all going on except a lone F4 flying along at 600kts. The F4 called and said that he needed some gas, and asked if there were any tankers around. OJ told him, he doesn't have any tankers, but there's one about 250 miles north in another sector. The F4 pilot said he can't make it that far, and to see if the tanker would come and meet him halfway.
OJ replied that he didn't think they'd do that since they were in a track with some other dudes. The F4 replied, well tell them that it's me Chuck Yeager and I'd appreciate their help. OJ asked if it was in fact really him, and the F4 replied, "yes, I am in fact Chuck Yeager, and I am in fact out of gas."
Now OJ was a bit of an aviation nerd, so he was pretty giddy and called the next sector and told them that it was very important that he talk to Kansa flight, because he has an F4 that needs gas. When the other controller asked the tanker, they said unable. OJ said: "Tell them it's Chuck Fucking Yeager and he needs gas"
When the pilots of the tanker found out who it was, they told the guys they were refueling to divert to Rapid City because they had something more important to do and they came screaming south to give Chuck some gas.
So there you go. Fuck 2020. That's all.

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