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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Yanick, Jan 1, 2004.

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    I'm planning a change of web host but I wanna see if one is faster than the other. One is answering ping put the other isn't... Is there any tool to check which site is faster than the other ?

    Thank you in advance

    Yanick Drouin
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    This is tough to do.

    Take a Honda Civic and try opening it up to see its top speed but do it during [insert big city]'s rush hour. Its stop and go. I'd bet you'd never get it past 2nd gear.

    Repeat with a Porsche 911.

    Because of traffic, you're not going to be able to accurately see the top speed of either car.

    All a ping is going to do is show you how quickly a packet can be returned to you from your location. If you ping a router in Chicago and a router in China, the one in Chicago is probably going to come back pretty quick (assuming you're somewhere in the states), but the router in China may still have the faster connection, but that packet had a lot of distance to cover.

    Best way to find out which host is faster:

    Ask them what hardware/machines they run. This will tell you how quickly the pages can be dished out. Almost related is to find out how swamped their servers are too. How many clients do they stick on a machine? They may not answer that last one.

    Ask them what kind of pipes they have, such as a T1, T3, OC48, etc. The larger the pipe, the more bandwidth they can handle and the faster that traffic can be carried.
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