Tested Cables that were made by a Myspacer

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ronin, Jan 7, 2006.

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    Copy and pasted from the myspace thread I had made in my home audio group:

    First off I will begin that they are full Canare built. Canare if you dont already know is a very good

    cable component company.


    I compaired them to a Monster Audio cable, Interlink 300 MK II

    The Canare is thinner, or atleast seems so, than the Monster, but the Canare is much much more

    flexible, you can notice this very easily.

    As far as sound goes I could not notice any difference to my ear.

    My first immediate observations have now been made, now it's time to take a closer look, so I unscrew

    the end to expose the connection (sorry I will not have photos of the monster cable)


    First I would like to note Arturos are soldered, the monsters were crimped. He has 2 wires connecting,

    the monster was a single one. Not sure about gauge differences.

    I checked, the Canare cable is the



    Now I know what they are made of, I know they sound fine. And the connection they make is not too

    tight and not too loose. But how sturdy are they? My friend Sam was over and we were determined to find out.

    We werent sure how strong cables could actually be, so we started out pretty easy.


    We tied it around a 20 pound dumb bell.

    And picked it up by the connectors:


    We thought that was kind of cool so we decided to get extreme.

    I held on to one end while he held onto the other, I braced myself and let him lean back and managed

    to take a shot:


    The next test I dont have pics for, I set the connector on the ground and we let the 20 pound dumb

    bell's head fall onto it. Twice, no damage. So we are like. hmm, these connectors are pretty strong.

    Next test..

    I set the connector ontop of a dumb bell, and have my friend smash it with the other one. We did it twice.


    It may not look like it but this is the cable bouncing back on the second smash, or maybe it was 3rd, I do not remember:


    It hit pretty hard and my friend notes there is damage, the coating on the connector marred off a bit but

    it in no way effected the cable, I hooked it back up and there no was nothing sounded wrong. We also

    checked the inside and it appeared fine, here is a close up macro of the marring:


    My friend wanted to test the tug strength again so this time we tied it to the door of my safe:


    Yes my living room is messy as hell


    After all of our tests the cabled continued to work fine.
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    Mar 1, 2004
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    Interesting test. Probably more real world than some other tests.
  3. Slider

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    Jan 5, 2005
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    Should've unleashed a dog on it
  4. GSteg

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    Dec 28, 2001
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    Where can I get so called wire and how comparable are they to Dayton Audio RCAs? I'm in the market for some new RCA cables.
  5. Ronin

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    my friend chewed on it, not an official test ;)
  6. Ronin

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    anything made by BDCable is going to be Canare, i can tell Arturo (the guy who made them) and you could probably order them from him.

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