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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jsiu, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Up until recently, I've never used (or needed/wanted to use) text messaging. I have a Cingular plan with a Sony Ericsson T300 (I think), which I got for free when I upgraded my plan to include my dad. As of now, I'm on a pay-per-text plan.

    Now, on to the problem. I can't send text messages at all. I can receive them just fine, but I just can't send them. Whenever I do, I get an error message from my phone telling me that it can't send the message. Keep in mind that I've never sent a text message on this phone before. My brother, who I believe is on a different plan (I can't remember whether or not he was added into our plan a little later on) is able to send and receive messages even though we have the same service center number. I called Cingular about this and they tried giving me a new service center number, but that didn't work. Next, I tried going to my local Cingular store, but they weren't able to do anything for me unless I had my dad's account info (the plan is under his name).

    Is there anything I can do to remedy this? My plan expires in the summer, so I may just wait it out until I get a new plan and phone. Granted, this isn't of great importance, but it would be nice to be able to text my friends back. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    do not know how to fix the problem on your phone. however, i have come cross a site that you can send SMS message that simulating sending SMS messages from your phone. here is how you do it:

    (1) register an account using your phone number with http://www.funformobile.com

    (2) after that, click the SMS tab

    (3) send sms from there

    When the recipient receives the message you send, it is as though sent from your phone and the reply message goes automatically to your phone ( rememeber you have to log in using your account to get this benifit). The down side, you have to send the message from a PC. the upside, you do not need to do triple typing. hope this helps.
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    my friend has the same problem with the same phone and another friend had that problem with another phone. both people had cingular and what they found was they couldnt send, but if someone sends to you, they could reply to messages fine, so if someone sends one to you, anytime you wanna text em you can just reply to an old message. hope that helps

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