Thank you Mac Genius!! But please...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by verbal, Feb 11, 2008.

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    ...don't wipe my drive!

    I've had the lower memory slot issue on my PowerBook for over a year now and my serial number isn't in the range that Apple is fixing free of charge. I took it into an Apple store when it first happened and aside from the guy not being friendly, he said I'd have to pay to have it fixed.

    Today I decided to try taking it to the new Apple store 15 minutes away to see if I could somehow get a free used battery. I explained the memory slot issue and the guy was cool as hell and put in an exception and it's being fixed for free. Though I still have to buy a new battery.

    I'm pretty happy and hopefully I have it back by the end of the week.

    But I am concerned though. I did do a Time Machine backup before I left the house, but I have it exclude my downloads/torrents folder. I just downloaded some things last night that I haven't sorted through and backed up yet. And I put some unsorted pictures in the downloads folder. I'm really hoping it doesn't come back wiped. :noes::noes::x:

    Anyone ever have Apple wipe a drive for a reason other than a bad/corrupt hard drive?
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    if it is the logic board that they are replacing, your hard drive should not be touched.
  3. TheWeasel

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    Sometimes they swap your machine for a refurb one. Depends on the case really.
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    damn, wish i could get that luck for them to fix mine like that. im in the same boat you are.

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