SRS Thanks to my Friends, Im not on pills. (My Life)

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    I really do think your experiences growing up, especially late middle school and all of high school, really do effect how mentally stable you end up being later in life. In my early years I had a fair amount of problems and I would have to say most of them started in early middle school but even before that I had many learning problems and went to a differnent school every year. They had me on ADD meds at an early age, I think it was 10 but thank god my mom took me off of them. I would hate to depend on pills my entire life just to get things done. In the 6th grade my dad died of cancer, in Decemeber. I was having problems passing and my mom told them I had ADD. The school said they had "special" classes to help me with my ADD. The school put me in an ESE class and at the age of 12 I was learning to spell Cat and dog all day. If I was good I got an cookie. Not to mention I was one of the only white kids in the class and the other kids stole all of my stuff. I felt great being in a class full of retards and thugs. Once I told my mom that it was a class for retards she tried to get me out but the school would not let her take me out unless she put me on pills( By the way my ADD is not the hyper type and Im not a bad Kid, I just suck at school and can't pay attention) So I just stop going to school, I failed that year and I ended up going to a summer school program for kids with ADD so I could catch up on all the stuff I missed. They also did tests of me on and off Aderall. I had higher scores on my IQ tests, I could sit still, my social skills improved and I went from a 5th grade reading level to a college grad reading level. I still did not like the pills because I no longer felt like eating and I didn't sleep anymore. They said they needed to adjust the dose after the summer program was over. I said hell no, I will never take another pill again.

    Now I am in the 7th grade and I am going to a private school for kids who have problems in public schools. I meet two of my friends who I still know to this day and I still hang out with one of them on a regular basis. Anyways one of them is kind of a bad ass and what not. He accepts me into the crew and are the badasses of this school. I become popular and people know us. Most of my anti-social problems fade in the 7th grade, I still do have problems with girls up until high school though. I stop playing video games all the time, I played them all day long up until the 7th grade. I start smoking weed in the 8th grade with one of my friends. I get to meet a ton of people because I now have a click. 8th grade was much of the same thing, besides my other friend left to go back to public school. Still have my one friend, we enjoy the last year of school there. We both get in a ton of trouble doing fun and stupid shit. That brings us to the 9th grade, my friend leaves to go to a nice public school, lucky him. I go through the 9th grade, Im now solo besides this other kid I used to fight with. We become friends because everyone we knew had left. In the 9th grade my mom got cancer but she lived threw it, I don't need to tell that story and I wont because I don't ever talk about it.

    That brings us to the 10th grade, I decide to leave private school and give public school a chance. The school system sucks and I failed to get enrolled the nice public school where all my friends went. Instead I got enrolled at the crappy school where I would be one of the few white kids. I fail half of my classes here and get picked on a fair amount because I was white.

    Now I transfer to another public school, the teachers are great and I form my own social group. I meet my high school sweet heart and was with her for years. I finish up high school, not a GED!!

    Now the point being is that if I never would have met those life long friends who I could count on I would have went insane. I would still have all the social problems I had in my early years. My friends invited me to parties, even though I didn't talk much but I kept going, and going. Until I got used to being around people. Before them I almost had panic attacks just riding the bus. Without everything they brought to my life I am sure I would be popping pills just to get through school or go to the mall. Now instead of looking down all the time I look foward and stand tall. Make eye contact. I am so thankfull of all my friends in my life.

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