That Russian politician who was poisoned.....they poisoned his dick


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Mar 14, 2000
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That's hella nefarious, son


  • The Novichok toxin was applied to the crotch area of Navalny’s underwear
While Kudryavtsev makes it clear that he was not part of the operation that administered the poison, he positively answers “Maxim’’s question where the highest concentration of residue of the toxin might be expected to be found on Navalny’s clothes.

Kudryatvsev promptly answers that this must be the inside of Navalny’s underpants, and in particular the seams in the crotch area. On a follow-up question by “Maxim” if those would be “the grey boxers”, Kudryavtsev specifies that as far as he remembers they were blue. In fact, the “grey underpants” was a decoy question, as Alexey Navalny told us he was hospitalized in blue undepants, and that these were part of the clothes that were left behind at the Omsk hospital.

Kudryavtsev also volunteers his supposition that there cannot be any traces left on the body due to the fact that, as far as he knows, the substance gets absorbed into the body very fast.

Given these admissions, it becomes most likely that the nerve agent was indeed administered to Navalny’s underwear, probably in the form of a spray or an ointment. This could have taken place at any time when Navalny was not in his hotel room for extended periods of time; or alternatively during the hotel laundry service (Navalny could not remember if the blue pair of boxer shorts that he wore on the day of the poisoning were part of the laundered clothes he had received on 18 August).

Notably, Kudryavtsev also volunteers the information that as part of the squad’s tradecraft, they always ensure that security cameras are switched off. This operational security measure would have allowed operatives to enter his hotel room – for instance, during his two-hour late night swim on the 19 August – without leaving a trace..........................

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