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Remy Bressant

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Jul 24, 2015
this has been our approach. we just wait her out and explain that isn’t how we get what we want.
when the 7 and 4 yr olds start with the crying and screaming they get sent to their rooms or otherwise cut off from the rest of the family/people.
"you dont get to be around people when you are doing this" approach seems to work, they break and calm down within a couple minutes.

Hood Moses

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Oct 4, 2001
First day at daycare went better than expected. We were so incredibly stressed, but the kiddo seemed to do well enough. Also incredibly sweet and happy afterwards to be home with us. :hsd:

Now of course the true test comes the next few days :noes:

Hopefully start daycare in September. On the wait list for two. If not gonna have to pay double for a nanny :hs: which wouldn’t be bad but she is watching one of our friends two kids and she’ll have to drop one off. Not sure I’m ready to have someone drive our kid. Even if she comes highly recommended by several Drs my wife works with.


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Aug 11, 2003
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12yo last night before bed was talking about her plans to grow up and how long she was going to work for. She said if you retire too soon, then you just don’t have much to do and no money. But if you work too long, then you finally retire and only have a few years left to live. It kind of hit me that when she does grow up and retire eventually, I may not be around to see it. Kind of a sobering thought.

Also, my mom called and said my grandpa isn’t doing very well. He fell almost 2 years ago and ever since then he really couldn’t hear. He’s had some other falls, his heart isn’t as strong as it needs to be to get oxygen and blood throughout his body, so he’s pretty weak. He’s having trouble holding his bladder. Mentally he’s still fine and really sharp. My mom says he’s in really good spirits still and is really funny. She took him to an appointment and he said “well I ain’t very fast, but I’m efficient!” He’s such a sweet man. Today is my grandparent’s 75th wedding anniversary. Here he is on one of his toys last year. He was in the navy and then when he came home he was a heavy equipment operator. When I was a kid he almost died because the bulldozer he was driving slid off the edge of an embankment and rolled over onto him. He was in the hospital for a while but miraculously wasn’t killed.



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Sep 25, 2002
he was born in april which of course my wife was excited for for the birthstone being diamond

went into cartier with the plan of getting the 1-stone love ring but she ended up upgrading to the 3 stone as a push present / mothers day

its so cool

See? I was right! My "push present" was the Cartier trinity ring. I opted not to do pave because I was losing pave diamonds left and right in other rings. Have the teeny 15 stones.


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Apr 8, 2006

See? I was right! My "push present" was the Cartier trinity ring. I opted not to do pave because I was losing pave diamonds left and right in other rings. Have the teeny 15 stones.
luckily her engagement ring is still goin strong :bowdown:

the wedding band is my grandmother's that's a tiffany pave too

guess the fact that i wash all the dishes means they'll last forever :mad:


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Nov 12, 2000
Howdy Arabia


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Dec 17, 2001
Kids first day back today. Son in 6th, daughter in 3rd.

Ran into my daughter's friend and her mom. Son darted off to find his homies.

It's so fuckin weird seeing two sides of him. The one edgy preteen and then at home he acts like a little kid still wanting to do little kid shit. I like the second part more.


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