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    I'm finally getting to a doc. tomorrow regarding my severe anxiety issues I've had as of late, my attention disorders I've had going on for what seems forever. All of this somehow compounding which lead me to not be able to sleep at all, either. I don't have any health ins., but my dad's a doc. and he's bringing me in to see one of his partners and taking care of all the costs. Talk about a break :eek4:

    So, I have everything I want to say, in line. I have a few documents I've personally researched as well as a few online tests I've taken, and their results - just to get the ball rolling and to help him see what I'm feeling right now. I've waited too long and have let all of this fester inside of me. I'm done. It's become just a pain in the ass to deal with on a daily basis. It's gotten to a point where it was affecting my school work and relationships.

    The appt. is scheduled for tomorrow (well, today) at 10:30am. Depending on how long it takes and if I may have to pick up an RX thereafter and as I have class at 1:20, I won't be making an update until later on in the evening.

    I will, however, fill everyone in on my personal experience and my on-going road to some sort of remedy. There have been countless members here who have done nothing less than offer up their lives in an effort to help me improve mine. While attempting to fulfill and convey emotion and gratitude via a few paragraphs on a message board is extremely difficult, I want to express as loudly as possible that you all proved to be the majority of which that got me to the help I'm now going to get.

    I have a calming feeling that maybe things will start to cool down and I'll be able to regain control over my own mind. What a thought, huh?

    Anyhow.... What I plan to do is report back here with all of the information that will be fed to me. Including any tests, prognosis, and any potential RX alternatives, as well. I figure it'd be my way of returning to the community in case someone else comes along with a similar situation.

    So :cheers: to sanity! :hsd:

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