STYLE The buyer of my house is going through some shit....*Update - House sold!*


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Jul 15, 2009
@stevezissou the buyer’s lender wants to close now on the 28th because apparently they’re backed up. I told my realtor hell fucking no. :mad:
Cancel or hard money time papi

28th? LMAO

You’re realtor prob has stopped working for you and started working for their commission. If you choose not to cancel get HARD money. Why wouldn’t the buyer agree to that? It will count towards purchase of the house.

If your realtor doesn’t want “hard money” added to the extension you know they stopped working for you and started working for their commission. Was your realtor working with backup offers this entire time? If they weren’t why not?
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Someone doesn't understand how private school tuition FAST programs work. Parents were contributing Catholics and I was zoned for an incredibly dangerous high school so was super lucky to be able to attend. I worked part time myself to help subsidize the last year and a half when I could finally drive. Thanks for playing though.
It's amazing how people can make assumptions, I was much in the same position as you. I didn't want to go to catholic school as I knew the cost was a burden on my family, but I didn't have a choice. :hs:
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Dec 27, 2007
Nothing about this situation strikes me as particularly unusual or a reason to abort tbh. The loan type changing, the gifted down payment, etc happens all the time. Possibly a first time buyer you're helping out? I'd rather that than a corporation personally. Yeah, the employment switch makes things more precarious, but it happens.


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Dec 27, 2007
Anyway, hopefully they let you push for an earlier closing date but don't let OTers make you think this deal is fucking you somehow
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Oct 5, 2001
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Not reading all 8 pages so you may have already answered this, but.... Didn't you just move into this house a couple of years ago? Why are you selling? Don't want laundry in the kitchen anymore?


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May 17, 2002
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Render unto Ceaser baby
I find this incredible.

You win the 100 million dollar lottery, and upfront, they take, say 50 million dollars as taxes.

You still have 50 million. You give five million to your best friend.
Now that's taxable income for him, and HE has to be 2 million.

He still has three million. He gives a million to his son.
Now that's taxable income for him, and he has to pay $400K.
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