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    I guess I'll start and give you an idea of my situation. I'm 20 years old, living in the US as I have all my life with my parents. I've never had a job, or any sort of work experience. I don't go to college, and I don't have my high school diploma yet. I've never been in a relationship, and I've never had a social life. I have a pretty supportive family, although right now financially & emotionally my parents are having definite problems.

    Brief ideas of my life: I think through the past 4-5 years I've broke through a shitload of obstacles with myself, and by myself. So mentally/emotionally I'm pretty much fine now except I'll sometimes turn to my old ways of getting shy/nervous around others, but I'll usually snap out of it and not give a shit. I really don't talk about my life with others ever and just feed them something that I think is suitable, but not necessarily a lie. I'd rather not be seen as a loner, and I obsessively/irrationally cover it up still, (hence this anonymous post, new account name/e-mail just for the asylum, and proxies, among many other things)

    Now that I've been out of high school for almost 2 years I just stay in the house. I leave the house once every month or so, even for chores. It's not that I want to, it's just that I have absolutely nothing else to do, or anywhere to go, or with anyone. I guess I'm just kind of afraid to leave the house too? (last time I did I got harassed by cops, which pissed me off royally) My means of transportation would be walking, no driver's license/bike. (this would be for anyone wanting to suggest a place to go socialize/join/etc)

    As for emotional bs: I'm not unhappy with my life anymore, but I have always seen it as a problem that needs fixing. My teenage-long fear was turning into a The Garden State type guy which is now in my combative victory to pleasantly say I'm not that anymore. Unfortunately I am living that lonely life still. A few months ago I was even oddly happy with myself, and pleased. Now I've just become very energy-less, and kind of careless about myself (I'm not sure if it's that or just the hardcore procrastination). I've really become more inclined to helping others around me, but then comes the excessive sleeping, forgetfulness, energy deprivation, and my terrible procrastination that I've always had.

    Interests: Because I've been on the computer my whole life, and have done practically nothing else except go to school, I've come to see the internet more as my abusive babysitter rather than getting attached to it, which is why I think I've always glorified socializing with people, going to events, etc. despite my tremendously poor efforts in the past.

    I guess what I'm here for is to see if you guys have any suggestions for me in general. These are just some highlights and summaries to guide your opinions & tips. Feel free to ask for any more information.

    And yes, I've thought about leaving the house and getting a job.

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