The Hunt for Decade Old Software (or a more modern (legal version) that can extract

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    KODAK digital science Writable CD
    Code Data Retrieval Version -- Release Notes
    Last updated: 12/22/98

    We have over 600 data CDs that are viewable with this ancient software application.

    I should backup, the original source data was a now retired IBM Mainframe/Legacy application.

    The data was dumped, with the file record layouts to the Kodak format, and then via retrieval.exe would spawn a viewer that would allow one to perform free text searches for specific records.

    The Data CD's have a portion of the viewer software on it, but not the entire installation disk. The data record layouts are in files with a .pwd extension, and/or folders with a .rpd extension to the folder name.

    Anyone happen to have any knowledge of this application? 20 minutes or so reviewing google searches, as well as kodak's site has turned up less than anything useful.
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    Try and email Kodak support and see what they say.

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