The Little Mermaid *TRAILER* …in theaters now!

As a famous comedian once said:

"I don't see color. I see everyone as white."
A bus driver is making his rounds and after picking up some passengers, an argument about race breaks out. All the passengers eventually get involved and after about twenty minutes of shouting and arguing, the driver slams on the brakes and pulls over to the side of the road. He stands up and shouts at them, "Everybody shut up! I'm tired of this shit and I'm not going to put up with this arguing anymore. From now on there's no black people, there's no white people, okay? We're all the same color. We're all GREEN. Okay? Now everyone sit down. Dark greens in the back, light greens up front."
I mean most of those movies suck, or are not even made for kids.

Like the movie “Soul”. My wife and I liked it, but it’s supposed to be a kids movie and I highly doubt any kids actually like it.

Encanto is the only recent Disney movie my daughter actually likes. She likes Frozen also, but that was made for the previous generation that are teenagers now. Rest of that list is forgettable trash
Coco was the shit
they should be more true to the original source material.. just so we could see all the interviews with idiots parents whose kids are now scarred for life.
we all know Disney has to shoehorn their inclusion polices into everything might as well get used to it doesnt really hurt anything.
Welp.....Halle's version of "Part Of Your World" is pretty amazing
Halle > the original IMHO.


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